Friday, November 9, 2012

Marketing Tips for Newbies

When I started my online business a few years back, I had a problem, among many. Understanding the word "niche." Not that I don't know what it means in the ordinary world. But things take on different meanings in the Internet business.
I now have a pretty good idea what it is and how important it is for newbies wanting to earn a decent income online.
A "niche" is a distinct segment or group of a particular market. It can be:
- A group based on sex, age, ethnicity, educational background, moral standards;
- A group bound together by the same interests like photography, diving, sports, etc;
- A group sharing the same problems, i.e., back problems, cancer patients, those with erectile dysfunction, or other age-related or weight-related concerns.
Why niche marketing?
In simple terms, you don't sell refrigerators to Eskimos or bicycles to paraplegics, would you?
People going into online business hope to earn fast. So they immediately immerse themselves into selling products. This approach has fatal flaws like:
- Selling a product to a market not interested in it;
- Selling a product with fierce competition, obsolete or not in style.
These can be avoided by marketing to a niche.
Choosing a profitable niche:
First, not all niches are profitable. Seniors, others say, is a profitable niche. Others say that most seniors are living off retirement income and don't use computers anymore. Finding a product to avoid the differences of opinions such as the above can be a challenge. At any rate, the following can guide a newbie find a profitable niche.
- Look for a large number of people who are online a great deal of their time:
The cycle of life is continuous. We all grow old, and then die. Meantime some are born, grow old and become computer savvy. This is the baby-boomer cycle and they have a huge appetite for online products. Facebook and Twitter are made popular by people like these.
- People looking for a solution to a problem:
Everybody has a problem. We all have problems. And you can find these problems in forums. Visit forums of your chosen field to know what people are looking for.
- Their problems make them emotionally hungry for a solution:
I read a news story the other day that obesity, worldwide, is now a tsunami in proportions. Visit ClickBank and you will find out that its most sought-after products are those related with weight loss.
- People who will spend money to solve their emotional problems:
The 2009 sales of Viagra was $466 million, up compared to last year. Visit a Lifestyle forum and you will find people looking for solutions to their size and staying power problems. The dieting industry is a billion dollar business.
- Are not well-served by the market.
A lot of people consider seniors, those in the 50 and above bracket, a burden. But they do have needs, i.e., welfare homes, hobbies to keep them occupied, physical fitness programs, dieting regimen, etc.
They key to sustainable online business is to find a niche you have a very strong emotional and mental attachment to. It will make you look convincing. Visit forums to find their needs and serve them. Inasmuch as niche demographics change, so must also change the range of products to offer to them.

Friday, November 2, 2012

5 Great Uses

If you have ever pondered what modern technology like IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is all about, you aren't on your own. With wave after wave of new cutting- edge technologies seemingly showing up on a daily basis, it really is incredibly easy to ignore the fact that a lot of it is truly useful and ground breaking, and works extremely well in numerous avenues of life.
Below I have listed five great uses of IPTV technology. You might well have experienced some of these in operation without appreciating what was at the center:
1. Hotels - lots of high-class hotels, guesthouses and boutique hotels are converts to this new streaming solution. Take a look at some of the ways you can use it: Satellite or terrestrial TV could be distributed across your network, foreign language TV and radio channels, network- based online video recorder, online games, bill browsing capability as well as a guest message service.
2. Corporate - using Internet Protocol TV within the corporate and business world is probably the more obvious of its uses, but nevertheless the technology is being utilised in numerous ingenious ways. Training courses, newsfeeds, company broadcasts, company specific material and corporate promotion videos are simply some of the methods IP TV has been used in the corporate and business world.
3. Healthcare - the advantages to health care are extensive. Internet Protocol TV not only delivers highly developed, adaptable entertainment to patients but also easy office controlled entertainment which can be viewed in all of the public locations by means of Personal Computer. Again foreign language Television and radio is easily streamed to the bedside of every patient.
4. Digital signage - text, video, graphics, images and live TV can all be displayed by using Internet Protocol set- top boxes. Information, messages, advertising, corporate branding and promotions can all benefit from this high- tech signage system. Digital signs are becoming progressively more popular and therefore are common fixtures at international airports, train stations, supermarkets, sporting events and exhibitions.
5. Education - schools colleges and universities are all beginning to grab hold of IPTV with good reason. Listed here are just a few of the reasons why: supply students with TV and radio channels, live lectures can be streamed to Computer Systems and TVs, teaching is enhanced with easy access to all Computer Systems on campus and news entertainment and foreign language Television and radio stations.
So the technology may seem seriously difficult and advanced but as you have seen from the examples in this article, its uses may be found in numerous avenues in your life. More more uses will probably be revealed for this technology and for that reason, it'll be likely to grow in popularity for the foreseeable future.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Top 3 Lead Generation Tips

You as a distributor know how important it is to have a steady stream of MLM network marketing leads to connect with. You may even wonder what is the secret to getting good MLM business leads.
Lead brokering and selling is a hot and lucrative business online today. Numerous advertisers promote how you can hundreds of names to connect with, sometimes for pennies on the dollar. You may even have bought a leads list before. I sure have.
After a time, I got educated and learned the truth. Most lead generation companies make a lot of money selling leads to reps with big dreams using them to build a solid business. However, what usually happens is that few leaders are able to buy leads in order to build a successful business and grow a huge downline. The reason for this? Its costly, not duplicatable, and many of the potential prospects names are not highly targeted. The end result is a highly frustrated distributor!
The question then becomes, what is the most effective, least expensive, and best way overall to generate your own MLM network marketing leads list exclusive to you?
The good news is there are many ways to generate your own leads online and off, much more than this article can cover. So, the focus will be on thee effective ways to help you get started just right.
1. Online ads. If you are willing to learn some simple ad copy skills, there are lots of places to advertise your MLM opportunity, product, or service online. They include newsletters, forums, ezines, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc. These advertising methods allow you to highly target your market with the plus of getting your ad viewed by many people.
2. Article Marketing. Article writing is highly effective for quite a few reasons. One, your content will be out there for years. Two, your MLM niche can view you as an authority figure, especially if the content you create is highly valuable. Three, readers will automatically want to know more about you, the person who wrote such highly valuable information. So, don't overlook this important advertising method.
3. Facebook Fanpages. Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites on the internet today. If you study it, learn how to create an effective fan page that will brand you as rep, provide valuable content, and share how your MLM's product, service, or business opportunity can help prospects get what they want, you will have no trouble growing a list of people to talk to.
Yes, when it comes to MLM network marketing lead generation, there are numerous ways for you to advertise, promote, and build your own list that is totally free. Study, get a good coach and mentor to guide you, and you will have no problems generating all the MLM business leads you need!

Friday, October 5, 2012

97% of Network Marketing Distributors Fail

Well let's just get straight to the point. The number one reason that Network Marketer's fail is because they lack the necessary marketing training and support. The most disappointing part is that it is perpetuated by the Network Marketing companies themselves. Most companies promise and sell you on the myth that all you have to do is get two who get two and before you know it you're rich. When that doesn't work you are told to talk to more people (3-foot rule) or you "simply" aren't trying hard enough.
It is ridiculous to think that bugging your friends and family could be a solid foundation for any Network Marketing business. Why?
1. They are Unqualified and not Targeted.
Most of your friends and family (warm market) are not at all interested in starting a home based business in the first place. How many of them have ever come to you and tried to sell you on a business opportunity or product in the past? Regardless of how great you think the product or service is or how badly you think they need to make extra money, they simply are not looking.
2. Quantity
It doesn't matter how many people you know, you will never be able to run through enough numbers with your warm market.
I have always wondered why these Network Marketing Companies don't teach effective marketing techniques. It would certainly help the reputation and the stigma that the Network Marketing Industry has acquired over the years. I have come to realize that the reason is they simply don't know how because if they did they wouldn't need you?
You need to learn how to generate 50-100 laser targeted leads a day. When was the last time you showed "the plan" 50 times in one day? There is no way to do that chasing your friends and family.
The good news is that the Network Marketing community has progressed and developed many great leaders and copying what they have done is becoming much easier than it was before. To become successful in Network Marketing you need to develop new skills and become educated on how to use the best possible tools. You must learn to harness the power of the internet and other offline marketing techniques that the professionals use to effectively communicate with prospects that are looking for what you have to offer.
Make no mistake; the game of life is 90% mental and 10% physical. Mindset is everything, especially in the world of the Entrepreneur. So give yourself a chance.
Build a solid foundation for Success in this industry!

Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Uses for a Steel Building or Metal Pole Barn

There isn't any product on earth as adaptable and inherently multi-purpose as steel, and there is no structure as useful and efficient as a steel building. Here are five great uses for one of many steel buildings or metal garages that may surprise you...
5. An Indoor Nursery.
Now this may be news to you, but steel is pretty much impervious to mold. Unlike the traditional nursery housing with wood and plastic sheeting, steel is super effective against organic causes of decay. While steel isn't the most see-through material in the world, set up a few sets of energy-efficient grow lights and some built-in drip irrigation systems and you can have an internal grow operation for seedlings and small plants that can be run 24 hours a day without any detriment from stormy weather or an overabundance of fungal damage. Not only will going with a steel building save money, but it will help increase your plant production greatly!
4. A Motorcycle Repair Shop.
Everyone wishes they had the right resources to set up their own shop, and a lot of us wish we could start our own Harley repair business but lack the funding necessary to build a traditional wood structure complete with commercial garage. Well, not any more. Steel garages so affordable they bring every guy's dream of running his own business into a reality. With concrete flooring and secure, weather-safe doors, you will have both the means and the space available for a perfect motorcycle repair business.
3. A School Vehicle and Maintenance Garage.
Besides performing well by giving every child an excellent education, schools are also tasked with an incredibly difficult challenge of balancing their budget line by line, as detailed as possible They really have to be frugal when it comes to building any structure, and the cost of building a traditional wood and cement structure to use as a bus-housing unit or a maintenance shop for the school janitor is going to be out of the price range of almost any school, not to mention the difficulty of having to guarantee it's safety and structural integrity in regards to storms and inclement weather. The best solution for any school district is steel. Steel buildings hold up great against all types of weather and have been tested against hurricane-force gusts. Not only can they be sized large enough to store your school busses, but they also provide great shelter in times of high wind.
2. A Woodshop.
You've always wanted to have a small woodshop where you could build tables, cabinets, or vintage-style wood toys but never wanted to ruin the basement with tons of sawdust and destroy your homelife with the noise it would make. Now, with one of many excellent metal garages you can have enough room to build anything you'd like with the added option of insulating the walls as well to keep down the sound of saws and drills. This means more enjoyment on the weekend for you, and less headaches for your spouse!
1. A Dog Kennel.
Dog kennels are notoriously difficult to build and maintain if you go the traditional wood and concrete route, but with a steel building you can save yourself a lot of trouble right from the beginning. By installing the steel exterior structure overtop a pre-poured floor, you can mount fenced in dog-runs and drains easy and efficiently. With walls made of metal you don't have to be worried about the constant water you will be spraying to clean out each of the kennel openings. This not only saves you money, but saves damage that could have been created should you have gone with a traditional wood structure.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pakistani Government Hiding Bin Laden From Us or Keeping Him For Us

That's the question that everyone is talking about right now. We are all happy that Bin Laden is gone and the mastermind of terror won't be walking around to terrorize the world any longer, but many questions have cropped up since the good news of his death.
What kind of role did Pakistan play in all this? Are they friends or foes? Are their people that we can trust to work with in our continued efforts in the war on terrorism? Let's lie this all out on the table and take a good look at this map we have in front of us.
After 9/11, Osama Bin Laden becomes the number one terrorist on the planet. The largest man hunt in human history begins. He runs into the hills and caves of Afghanistan and this cat and mouse game with the US begins.
He eludes us for a couple of years. We come close to getting him, but he always finds another escape hole and runs off somewhere else.
Now the hills he was hiding in Afghanistan are on the border of Pakistan, and many people think that he is making his way into Pakistan. All the while he is looking for a safe haven from one of his brother Islamic countries. He's not getting a lot of offers except from Pakistan.
I think Pakistan made him an offer shortly after 911, but he had to be very careful and it took a long time for him to be sold on the idea. I think Pakistan brought him in and showed him what they were going to do for him. They showed him the compound that they would build and how close it was to their army and how safe he would be. Bin Laden was a very well educated and disciplined man, and it was a very slow sell, but as time went on, it started to look better and better to him, as he was not getting any other offers for a permanent residing place, where he could run his terror organization from.
What a better location, right in the middle of a populated city and the Pakistani troops just down the street just in case there is trouble. Brilliant...right? Just one thing, the Pakistani government had other plans.
Bin Laden hides in those mountains for maybe two or three years and decides that sleeping on rocks is not very comfortable and he his starting to think about the compound that the Pakistani government is offering him.
We don't close off that border and he escapes into Pakistan, and the Pakistani government is reluctant to have us come barging into their country and look for him so they keep us out and they restrict our movement around their borders. This is all so that Bin Laden can get comfortable with his new home.
All the while the Pakistani government is working on us, trying to get aide from us in different types of ways, to help them with their government affairs and their own economic woes. There was an ulterior motive for everything Pakistan was doing and it wasn't because they loved Bin Laden and it wasn't because they loved us either, they were looking out for only themselves in this whole matter. They were putting together a strategic plan to get Osama Bin Laden, and rid the world of the biggest and most wanted man histories has ever known and get something for themselves out of the deal.
Bin Laden moves into his new home and he lives there for almost six years. There is very little movement in and around the compound and the curious neighbors are told it is a military training facility and that was enough to keep them satisfied. After all, there were military all around the area. This kept the eyes and attention off the compound and gave Bin Laden a safe place to run his machine of terror.
Now the stage is set. The US, just last July gave an aid package to Pakistan in the tune of almost 8 billion dollars. Pakistan has what it wants now and turns its back as the US forces come in and do their job. How else do you explain a compound, in the middle of a populated area, right down the street from 30,000 Pakistani troops, and US helicopters fly in, one explodes, then they run out and no one hears or sees anything?
The explanation coming from both, the US and the Pakistan governments, is one of niceties and pats on the back. Pakistan is upset that the US went in without their knowledge or permission and the US is applauding the great friend they have in Pakistan. You are not going to hear anything different. Pakistan doesn't want any trouble from their Islamic neighbors and the US wants to keep the door open in case they are needed in the future.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Do You Own an Alpha Mind

Okay so, you're probably wondering what an Alpha Mind is? Well, you know what an Alpha Male is right, an Alpha Male is an inherent and a born leader of the group, he is the head gorilla, chimpanzee, or human in the pecking order. The alpha male is someone who takes charge, and is considered the fearless leader. Now then, when we describe an Alpha Mind, we are talking about someone with superior intellect, and a strong sense of self-confidence and personal character.
This would be someone who has a brain which is focused on the mission, accomplishing objectives, and undeterred when it comes to fear or operating within the face of adversity. The alpha mind is one that rises to the occasion, and finds opportunity in crisis. If you have an alpha brain, and as I am describing this to you, then perhaps you understand why thinking this way is so valuable and important. A take-charge leader with a mind which is focused is very valuable.
If you don't own an Alpha Mind, you could, that is to say it is possible from going from a follower type mind to that of an original thinker. It's easy to have a mind which just soaks up information, and adopts the opinion on the nightly news for their political persuasion. It's very easy to go along with the flow and except all the information that is fed to you from various sources in your life. It doesn't take a lot of brains to fully subscribe to everything taught to you during your education, or explained to you in your job, or even adopt everything preached to you by your religion.
Any human can do that, and if you do, well, in a way you are formatting your brain to accept information without thinking, without asking questions, and that would be the opposite of an Alpha Mind. And Alpha Brain is one which thinks for itself and is not afraid to ask questions. It's not afraid of original thinking or original thoughts. In fact in Alpha Mind splashes itself with chemical rewards in the brain whenever it unveils an innovative or creative thought.
Of course, even an alpha brain is subject to manipulation, and if you have one, then you should be using it, not only to the advance of self, but also to help the whole of society. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or even case studies I'd be glad to hear from you. Please shoot me an e-mail.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Buying Your First Property Throughout The Right Market Conditions

The economic conditions, interest costs and current market pattern all carry out an important factor in the final amount of your ideal home, yet it is not always simple to know that today is the perfect time to become a home-owner. First-time house buyers are generally anxious about getting into the homebuying industry since they honestly cannot differentiate a buyer's market and a vendor's market.
For a purchaser's market, property price levels are very interesting and also rates could be below the average. You can even find more 'For Sale' boards in different communities moreover marketers could be ready to reduce their price ranges substantially only to market the house.
At a vendor's market, it may be quite challenging to discover appealing rates regarding houses. It is possible you'll read about lotteries that allow selected clients to actually invest in distinctive residences, and also the housing market might be in 'crisis' mode.
If you are a first time home buyer, finding the correct market period can produce a considerable big difference for the total price you spend and the value you obtain from your investment. Barron's 'Smart Consumer's Guide to Home Buying' points out that the "cycle phases are much easier to pinpoint long after the fact." On the other hand, "if you know what to look for, it's easier to figure out the state of the market." Think about these added essential signs to make the absolute best decision when it comes to purchasing a house:
In a shopper's market, you are likely to notice: several 'For Sale' symbols throughout the community; a lot of deals of repossessed homes as well as drastic savings on previously high-priced houses as well as real estates; owners selling concessions as well as incentives to get good potential buyers; a fast ascending volume of foreclosures; many value cutbacks and lower-than-average price ranges on premium quality properties.
For a vendor's market, you'll probably find: hardly any 'For Sale' boards about the area; relatively excessive prices as well as aggressive advertising tactics inside the same community; people 'turning' properties where they purchase a home and remodel them to offer it within a limited span of time; news reports that mention away just how expensive it really is to acquire a home; many rental buildings being changed into condo properties.
Obviously, the suitable time to be a home-owner is throughout a purchaser's market the moment sellers tend to be committed to sell their particular properties at their very own advertised price tag or offer discounts for an easy transaction. You actually can get into the home-buying market with a lot more trust any time homes are going to be advertised together with major cost cuts as well as giving you extra credits to make an offer. Nonetheless, it is always important to work with an expert agent for the greatest property that corresponds your preferences - particularly if you might be a first time home owner.
Purchasing your own first house can be difficult and you're anticipated to possess lots of concerns about the full operation. Educating yourself regarding the market, looking for indicators involving favorable market factors and dealing a professional may help you get started on your hunt and provide you with the ideal options in your town chosen.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Plastic Surgery Dangerous For Everyone

We've all probably heard of plastic surgery horrors. But despite some unfortunate stories, the demand for plastic surgery is still rising. So what does cosmetic surgery really implicate?
The thing is, cosmetic surgery is surgery just like any other - they aren't without risks. The human body is unable to identify what purpose the scalpel has when it hits, whether it's for heart surgery or cosmetic surgery. Probably the main difference is most patients who undergo cosmetic surgery start out as healthy or "ideal" candidates for the procedure.
There are 3 major contributors to the risks of plastic surgery. These include the procedure itself, anesthesia, and the patient's lifestyle habits.
When it comes to the procedure, the main risks are bleeding, necrosis, nerve damage and scarring. In other words, blood may not clot as it should, some parts of the surgical site may be damaged or destroyed permanently, and the wound may not heal properly. In this case, it's very important to find an experienced and trusted surgeon as well as thoroughly research and discuss your specific procedure.
As with anesthesia or sedation, a person can have very serious reactions. Those who have heart problems, lung conditions or are obese have a higher risk of complications caused by anesthesia. Certain medications can also contribute to this risk factor.
Finally, your lifestyle habits can indeed affect results. For instance, cigarette smoking can greatly contribute to the risk of improper healing, skin breakdown, scarring and infection. Surgeons often advise their patients to stop smoking (if they are smokers) days to weeks before surgery and during the entire healing phase.
So is cosmetic surgery really all that dangerous? The answer is, not necessarily. Despite the fact that it's generally complex, statistics show that it carries one of the lowest risk rates when put side-by-side with other kinds of surgery. As with everything else, there are pros and cons to cosmetic surgery. The good news is there are ways to keep you on the safer side.
If you do decide to undergo plastic surgery, just make sure the surgeon is experienced, accredited and highly recommended (check before and after photos, talk to those who've undergone a similar procedure, etc.). Educate yourself about the procedure itself and confirm if you truly want it. Finally, inform your surgeon as much as you can about your medical history, the medications you're taking, lifestyle habits and everything else he/she wants you to disclose to make sure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Differentiate Fear From Intuition

Intuition is defined as immediate insight or understanding without conscious reasoning. When we, as people begin the process of learning to listen to and heed our own intuition, we often hit several road blocks along the way. We often receive negative messages from our parents, teachers, or peers at which point we begin to doubt our intuition. Our intuition gets obscured by the fears and beliefs we have erected in front of it. When we lose trust in our intuitive knowledge we begin to close down that channel of information by ignoring it. The good news is, though we may shut out the messages we receive from the higher self, the higher self continues to give them so it is impossible to completely lose the ability to be intuitive.
Some of the road blocks we hit during the process of re- awakening to our intuition are individual, some are unanimous but perhaps the largest unanimous barrier we face in this process is how to separate our intuition which comes from our true self from our fear which comes from our ego self.
Though there is a big difference between intuition and fear, understanding that difference in the moment can prove to be daunting. Our higher selves (the origin of intuition) will not interfere with the experience and free will of our separate physical bodies. It is a choice to heed intuition; it is a choice to even pay attention to it. You must invite intuition. Therefore, fear (which is an emotion that belongs to the physical dimension) easily overrides and obscures intuition.
The process of separating fear from intuition can also be a daunting one because it requires that we become intimately acquainted with our own fears. We must discover them, be honest to ourselves about them, learn to recognize them, address them and learn to dissolve them. Only then can we address what our intuition is telling us. There are many techniques which can be employed in order to address and dissipate our fears, by doing this; their influences no longer control our life. But in order to separate fear from intuition, you must first become acquainted with what your separate fears feel like so that you can identify them when they come up as if they were emotional "flags". You can begin to do this by writing a list of your fears. List every one of your fears that you can think of and keep the list in an easy to access place. When you come across a situation in which you are feeling intense negative emotion, instead of acting on anything, pull out the list and scan it and ask yourself if any of the fears on the list could possibly be creating the sensation. It is an inevitability that you will continue to uncover hidden fears as you advance in your spiritual journey, at which point you can add new ones to the list. If you find one which you think could be causing the sensation, sit in that sensation for a while, becoming intimately aware of its intricacies. Make a study of it. Learn the sensation of that fear. This way, you will begin to recognize those individual fears so that when they come up, you can know that they are not intuition. Intuition comes with a feeling of correctness and affirmation. Intuition will come as a sudden knowing, a gut feeling, thought, image, emotion, or bodily sensation. It will be a quiet, clear and often quick impression. Even if the message of intuition is about something negative, it will come across as being delivered in a "neutral" tone.
We will only experience intense emotion with regards to an intuition when we begin to feed the intuition with negative thoughts and feed it with fear. Fear is a highly emotionally charged sensation. It conveys no feeling of correctness and no affirmation until you logically talk your way into it. Fear reflects the past (past issues and past psychological pain). Perspective is not possible from a state of fear, it is so strong it is almost blinding and delusional and there will be no compassionate or transcendental element to it. False guidance is always rooted in fear. It is false guidance because it comes from the inaccurate assumption that the world is unsafe and that you are not secure, so the guidance you will receive will not be aimed at creating and maintaining freedom, abundance, joy and true self expression. Instead it will be aimed at increasing your degree of control. Genuine intuitive guidance comes from a place of love and the knowledge that you are safe and secure as you are. If strong negative emotion is involved, you should always be suspicious that you are either dealing solely with fear, or that you have clouded an intuition with fear. If, for example, you have a sudden persistent and strong emotional feeling that something bad is going to happen to someone you love... a fear such as the fear of loss is most likely what you are dealing instead of an actual intuitive insight which is informing you of something which is actually impending.
The problem with fear is that it is very persuasive. When we do not uncover it for what it is early on, it catches us in a creation trap. The trap is that once a person gets themselves into a state where they convince themselves based on the feeling of fear that something bad will happen, they often activate a strong enough vibration that they begin to actually create (by virtue of attraction) the negative event. At which point, when it happens they often say... "See... I knew my intuition was right when it said this was going to happen" when it was actually an event which was created based on a fear (which they mistook for intuition) that made them begin to think negative thoughts with enough frequency that it created the very event they feared.
If you find yourself in a place where you have uncovered a fear which is clouding intuition, the best way to get back into the state of receptivity to intuition, is to meditate or center the mind. Quieting the mind when it is alive with fear can be difficult, but it is necessary in order to clear away the mental clutter so that you can access your own inner knowing. Begin by using deep diaphragmatic breathing. This will trigger a relaxation response within the body. Close your eyes, and begin to focus on your breathing. If your mind drifts, without getting frustrated that it has wandered; simply bring it back to your breathing. Do this for as long as it takes for the fear and negative thoughts to fall away leaving behind a quiet peaceful, centered feeling. Sometimes it helps people to listen to music which educes this peaceful, centered state within them. If you find that it is especially hard to concentrate, it can be beneficial to listen to a guided meditation. Once you are centered for a while in that neutral, peaceful state, you have opened yourself to the flow of intuitive information and you can pose your question or ask for intuitive guidance. Once you have posed your question, put forth the intention that you will receive your answer and listen. To truly listen for intuition means to listen with all of your senses. Intuitive messages come in many ways and they come differently to different people. You may hear the answer, or see the answer. You may just "know" the answer. You may get a physical sensation such as a chill or hot flash or feel the answer emotionally. As you practice listening and honoring your intuition you will get better at recognizing the ways by which you receive intuitive information no matter what form it may appear in.
There may be times when you are looking for intuitive guidance that you will not receive a clear answer right away; however, the information may come to you later through other synchronized events or possibly through dreams or in future meditations. If you become frustrated and try to force an answer to come, you will block the flow of intuitive information. Simply trust that if it is a message your higher self wants you to know, it will be made known to you, and if you are on the lookout for it, just at the right time, you will see it. You will recognize it right away. Intuitive messages which are ignored simply get louder and louder in their manifestations until they can no longer be ignored.
If it is truly your goal to become intuitive, you will eventually learn to distinguish the voice of ego from the voice of the true self. Your ego which is driven by fear rationalizes as well as creates reasons why you should not follow the instruction of intuition. Truth however, does not need the rational justification that fear needs to be valid. Truth will simply be conveyed over and over again in the same loving unconditional way until it is received. We must simply remember that true intuitive messages are always in the service of our best interests, it is impossible to cut one's self off from the capability of being intuitive and it is possible to differentiate our fears from the intuitive messages we are receiving every day. All we need is a little practice.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Beginners Guide

Nowadays you can hardly watch the news or read the newspaper without seeing something about the stock market, investing or Wall Street. This sparked the interest of many people who became interested in investing and the stock market. However, there is a lot of confusion about how to become a stock market investor. This article will explain the basics about investing and how you can become a stock market investor.
There are a few important steps you should consider doing before you start beginning investing. These steps will minimize your risks of making bad investment decisions or having financial difficulties in the future.
Set goals
Ask yourself why you want to become a stock market investor and determine your goals. Investing to raise money for your child's education, your retirement or to make enough money to buy a yacht are different reasons and will usually need diverse investment strategies, products and the amount of money you will be investing.
Don't settle for less but make sure you set realistic goals. Planning to marry, having children or buying a house can affect your goals and should be taken in account. If you have a mortgage to pay it will become considerably more difficult to set aside money to invest.
Nonetheless, it is never too late to start saving money for investment purposes. Even a small amount of money can accumulate into a fortune over time.
Research your investment options
After establishing your goals you should research what the best type of investment would be for your goal and situation. If you are living with your parents and hardly have any expenses you can take more risky type of investments than someone who has a family to take care of or a mortgage to pay. Three common types of investments are:
Stocks - By purchasing stocks you receive a partial ownership in a company which pays you a percentage of their profits (dividend). On the other hand, if that company doesn't perform well, the value of your stocks decline and can leave you with a loss.
Bonds - By purchasing bonds you offer a loan to a company or the government which in turn pays you interest on that loan. This type of investment is safer than stocks but usually bring much lower profits.
Mutual funds - In this type of investment you grant a group of professional investors your money. These people invest for several people at once and pay out dividend to the members of the fund. This can be safer than purchasing stocks yourself if you don't have much awareness of the stock market. The downside of this type of investment is that the fund managers also receive a portion of the amount you invested in the fund.
Get help from a professional
After setting goals and researching your options you should prepare to carry out your investment strategy. Working with an (online) broker or brokerage firm can help you to accomplish this. But before choosing a broker you have to consider which one is the most capable for your goals.
If you are confident in your abilities and know exactly what you want, you may prefer an online firm that enables you to invest how and whenever you want to. If you are uncertain in picking stocks and could use more assistance you could look for an experienced brokerage firm that helps you with investing.