Friday, September 14, 2012

Pakistani Government Hiding Bin Laden From Us or Keeping Him For Us

That's the question that everyone is talking about right now. We are all happy that Bin Laden is gone and the mastermind of terror won't be walking around to terrorize the world any longer, but many questions have cropped up since the good news of his death.
What kind of role did Pakistan play in all this? Are they friends or foes? Are their people that we can trust to work with in our continued efforts in the war on terrorism? Let's lie this all out on the table and take a good look at this map we have in front of us.
After 9/11, Osama Bin Laden becomes the number one terrorist on the planet. The largest man hunt in human history begins. He runs into the hills and caves of Afghanistan and this cat and mouse game with the US begins.
He eludes us for a couple of years. We come close to getting him, but he always finds another escape hole and runs off somewhere else.
Now the hills he was hiding in Afghanistan are on the border of Pakistan, and many people think that he is making his way into Pakistan. All the while he is looking for a safe haven from one of his brother Islamic countries. He's not getting a lot of offers except from Pakistan.
I think Pakistan made him an offer shortly after 911, but he had to be very careful and it took a long time for him to be sold on the idea. I think Pakistan brought him in and showed him what they were going to do for him. They showed him the compound that they would build and how close it was to their army and how safe he would be. Bin Laden was a very well educated and disciplined man, and it was a very slow sell, but as time went on, it started to look better and better to him, as he was not getting any other offers for a permanent residing place, where he could run his terror organization from.
What a better location, right in the middle of a populated city and the Pakistani troops just down the street just in case there is trouble. Brilliant...right? Just one thing, the Pakistani government had other plans.
Bin Laden hides in those mountains for maybe two or three years and decides that sleeping on rocks is not very comfortable and he his starting to think about the compound that the Pakistani government is offering him.
We don't close off that border and he escapes into Pakistan, and the Pakistani government is reluctant to have us come barging into their country and look for him so they keep us out and they restrict our movement around their borders. This is all so that Bin Laden can get comfortable with his new home.
All the while the Pakistani government is working on us, trying to get aide from us in different types of ways, to help them with their government affairs and their own economic woes. There was an ulterior motive for everything Pakistan was doing and it wasn't because they loved Bin Laden and it wasn't because they loved us either, they were looking out for only themselves in this whole matter. They were putting together a strategic plan to get Osama Bin Laden, and rid the world of the biggest and most wanted man histories has ever known and get something for themselves out of the deal.
Bin Laden moves into his new home and he lives there for almost six years. There is very little movement in and around the compound and the curious neighbors are told it is a military training facility and that was enough to keep them satisfied. After all, there were military all around the area. This kept the eyes and attention off the compound and gave Bin Laden a safe place to run his machine of terror.
Now the stage is set. The US, just last July gave an aid package to Pakistan in the tune of almost 8 billion dollars. Pakistan has what it wants now and turns its back as the US forces come in and do their job. How else do you explain a compound, in the middle of a populated area, right down the street from 30,000 Pakistani troops, and US helicopters fly in, one explodes, then they run out and no one hears or sees anything?
The explanation coming from both, the US and the Pakistan governments, is one of niceties and pats on the back. Pakistan is upset that the US went in without their knowledge or permission and the US is applauding the great friend they have in Pakistan. You are not going to hear anything different. Pakistan doesn't want any trouble from their Islamic neighbors and the US wants to keep the door open in case they are needed in the future.